Monday, July 12, 2010

CLOTH.FABRIC. ooh, it's soft!

so, i know. cloth, fabric, the title is boring alright. but these turned out well i think. i like them. and they look soft. i like soft things. do you? x)

that's my face. unscrambled.

Growing up, Picasso was one of my favorite artists of all time. I've managed to draw pieces of faces. i don't get to mash 'em up into something like Picasso's amazing mashed up face designs though.

The Eyeball.

OOPs, i missed the charcoal drawings. here 'ya go.

Don't touch, just look! it'll get on your fingers!

look! the colors of the rainbow.

Color! Colour! i don't know which one's canadian, but you usually can't go wrong with it. i loveeeee color!

3D shapes.

wear your 3D glasses :D
*i don't know where the others went; there are suppose to be something like 5 pictures.

structures. interesting and regular.